Reproducing OpenStack Grenade gate job results

This is just a really quick post to capture something learned.

Imagine your CI job fails. Imagine you can't tell why easily because there are so many moving parts in the CI. Imagine you are asked to fix the broken build.


This post is about how I got past that.

Step 1: Set the stage

  • Provision a new VM which could run a gate job.
  • Prepare it with any personal customizations and tailor to your tool preferences appropriate to a disposable working environment.

Step 2: Prepare the host to emulate the gate

In the VM

cd /opt # or somewhere you want to put stuff
git clone
cd devstack-gate-test
su - jenkins

Step 2.5: [optional]

  • Snapshot the instance here for convenience

Step 3: Execute the reproduction event

In a browser

  • click the link of the correct gate job from the review you want to reproduce
  • find the script in the logs directory
  • copy link location for this script

In the VM

cd ..
wget [paste-url]
chmod u+x

Now just kick back and watch the cargage!